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Food Vendor Spotlight | Bearded Bagel Food Truck | 2023

Where You Can Find our food truck:

7305 E 96th Street in Front of Sam’s club

Bearded Bagel


We started out as a food truck fall of 2019 right before we the wildest times were yet to come. I just started my food truck and was set to have the biggest event yet for us downtown Indy for St. Patty’s day. But that event got cancelled right after I spent the last 4k to my name on food. So here I am all this food and nowhere to go. We started pulling up into neighborhoods with the bagel truck and served brunch everyday of 2020, with the exception of 14 days.

The next winter the Bearded Burger launched as a second truck, and shortly after opened a Brick and Mortar. The goal is 10 shops all around Indy.

My Go To Brunch Dish:

Bearded Bagel's Hangover Helper, Side of tots and a Salted Caramel Sweet cream cold brew

Bacon or sausage


Pancake or waffles


Best Kitchen Utensil


What I love about Indianapolis

All the new restaurants that keep popping up! Food scene is growing

Top 3 Hip Hop Songs

Too many to choose from. I enjoy it all.


Tom Race


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