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Food Vendor Spotlight | T Street Eatz | 2023

Food Vendor Spotlight | T Street Eatz | Baby Got Brunch 2023

Where you can find me:

222 E. Market St Downtown Indianapolis 46204 inside of City Market

My go-to brunch dish:

Nola's Shrimp N Grits

Bason or Sausage:


Waffles or Pancakes:


Most used Kitchen Tool

Cordless Blender

Favorite things about Baby Got Brunch:

The Cause and being able to have fun, meet new people and exposure to assist with growing my business

What I Love about Indianapolis:

There's so much to do here, it's very diversified and plenty of great opportunities to grow in any aspect in your life.

Top 3 Hip Hop Songs:

God Did, Live Your Life, Girl on Fire

About T Street Eatz:

Owner and Head Chef: Tasha Claytor also known as Chef T

Food: Elevated Comfort Food

Tasha had always dreamed of being a business owner by way of a restaurant. As many of us found the pandemic to be life changing, after years of working full time as an RN at a local and driver for Uber, Door Dash, Lyft, and Instacart. Her and her husband were trying to create generational wealth and a support system for their daughter. The pandameic was the wrench in her plans that she needed to seek a new lifestyle and. Inspired by doting words from her late grandmother about Tasha's cooking and an inspring quote from her best friend, "what man has done, man can do,"; Tasha knew she had to set forth in opening her own restaraunt.

Tasha's story of T-Street Eatz is inspiring! Tied down to the hustle and grind, she took a leap of faith on herself and started the tough, self-guided journey of opening her own business without capitol or a coach to help her through. It's been 3 years going strong. We are group to feature Chef T and her team at Baby Got Brunch. Through the year, you can find her in City Market, a historic location with rich history.

We're thankful for you, Chef T!

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